In attendance: Hanny, Gabi, Meghan, Lauren, Lea, Jenny P, Jenny W, Bryce

@MIT: none

Absent: Julia

  • April Service Event – Jenny P
    1. Very limited interest so far…
    2. May not be able to do the Falmouth service which has only two sign ups the bike lab has at least 7.
  • JP Meet the Bio Students Seminar
    1. Jenny will not need the 100 for the seminar, only circa 50.
    2. Approved along with Lean in circle
  • Rep nomination process – Lea
    1. There is not usually a lot of voting participation in the jp rep elections
    2. Perhaps there would be more participation if students ran the election instead of APO. Lea can still compile lists of eligible students.
    3. In terms of the GSC reps for the JP student group, let’s keep the original decision for letting someone volunteer for the position and be approved by the JP reps, instead of amending the constitution to have a pre-established GSC rep.
    4. Are there any other rules that have to be followed for elections based out of MIT?
    5. Next nominations/elections are circulated in Sept.
    6. Could perhaps have an initial call for nominations to stimulate interest.
    7. Lea will likely be on maternity leave during that time will have to communicate potential new process with whomever ends up helping out from the APO side
  • Panteleyev Award – Lea
    1. Have only received two nominations so far.
    2. Please encourage your peers to nominate people!
    3. Due April 15th.
  • Anti-hazing forms
    1. Forms have been submitted.
    2. Gabi requested a fee waiver from ASA.
    3. Membership confirmation was completed.
  • Winter Meeting Discussion
    1. A lot of people were very confused about the winter meeting conversation regarding confidentiality and advisor issues instead of title 9.
    2. Julie was unable to make it to our meeting today but will chat with us soon. Jim Yoder will come to a future email as well.
    3. Can perhaps arrange a meeting open to all for discussing this that would focus on NON-title IX issues.
    4. Can perhaps have a post quals interview that would serve a similar purpose to the exit interview but at an earlier time.
    5. Or perhaps establish an check-in with APO on an annual basis to have an opportunity to bring up any issues before they escalate.
    6. Else having open office hours for students to drop in and chat with Jim/Meg.
    7. Get an agenda set up for a separate meeting with them on this issue.
    8. Could get suggestions from the general student body before meeting as well?
  • Summer Picnic
    1. Is the summer picnic something that needs to keep happening?
    2. Used to be an event that was motivated by getting funding from MIT and incorporate MIT students?
    3. Last year there were two busloads of student but VERY few JP students attend.
    4. Could make the incoming student picnic better and nicer and slash the larger summer picnic
    5. Would it be required by ODGE?
  • Steinbach Scholar Updates – At - Large and PO
    1. Leo and his “reps” are considering option
    2. Hope Jahren (2nd choice) will be Cambridge on April 20th, Hanny will try to reach out to her in person then.
    3. NSF deadline is Aug 15th so try not to schedule around that date in order to get maximum participation
    4. PO scholar may come in late August or late June.